13 Aug 2013, 03:57pm BY Sobana Damodaran

    Doctors in an Indian hospital are treating a two-and-a-half month old baby named Rahul with unexplained burns and large scars on his body.

    According to Rahul's parents, her child's body gets excessively warm and the infant has been 'on fire' four times since he was born.

    The child's mother even says the burns "occur spontaneously".

    A pediatrician in Tamil Nadu said, on examination the burns appear to be superficial and only certain parts of the body are affected.

    The immediate priority now is to treat the burns and prevent the child from sustaining more overheating injuries in the future.

    Although, there have been claims of death from spontaneous human combustion, but few have been properly assessed by experts and no scientific proof of the alleged phenomenon has been found.